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Reputed Client of Smart Resourcing International

Bahrain, Bahrain

Our one of our reputed Client was formed in 2008 in Bahrain with the aim of creating a first class supply and service company to local industry with an emphasis on the energy sector. Our Client has risen rapidly to a peerless position as Bahrain’s premier energy service provider.


Diploma in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. Minimum 3 years combined training and experience in Power and Utilities. Must be conversant with the use of DCS (Distributed Control System) / Analogue Control system, Advanced Control equipment and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) systems as applicable to area of responsibility. Must have a detailed knowledge of all equipment and procedures relating to unit operations, emergencies, shutdown and start-up of facilities, Maintenance and safety. Must have attained the "Authorised Level" to operate and isolate circuit breakers at voltage levels up to 11.SKV in the assigned units. Good communication and Problem solving skills. Read and understand daily order book and perform assigned tasks as per operating training manuals (OTM) and technical instructions to ensure safe and reliable plant operations. b. Carry out thorough daily routine check of the units, effluent systems, utilities lines and associated equipment, check for leaks/abnormalities, make necessary adjustments, report unusual findings and raise necessary work requests for approval to ensure that the effluent systems are free from oil contamination. c. Carry out process adjustments to unit variables in accordance with standard operating techniques, operating instructions or as directed to ensure safe operations. Continuously monitor and regulate the condition of the plant using DCS/Analogue Control panel and take corrective action if necessary. d. Initiate emergency action to shutdown equipment and utilities lines and perform emergency procedures to secure and isolate unit equipment or utilities systems for safeguarding the unit, equipment and utilities supply lines for preventing disturbance/effects to the consumers. Operate fire pumps to maintain system pressure during fire situations. e. Draw samples as per sample schedule, check Laboratory results and adjust unit conditions per standard techniques or as directed to ensure that the unit operation is safe and products are on specifications. f. Perform isolation of equipment for maintenance as per established safety standards, check and sign off lists and documents related to start-up and shutdown activities to ensure safe and timely shutdown and start-up to eliminate or minimize impact of fire, safety or environmental hazards. g. Write shift turnovers for completed and in process jobs for the benefit of the following shift operators, issue and approve work permits on the shift and monitor the work in progress for compliance to the operating instructions on the permits for safety of the unit/system & maintenance personnel involved. h. Identify and report equipment defects to the Shift Supervisor and raise maintenance requests in order of urgency for repairs/replacement to ensure availability of all emergency and Fire equipment for continuity of operations. i. out routine activities as per the approved routine lists to ensure the plant/system/unit reliability.

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    Diploma in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering

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